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(= deliver back) individual → zurückschicken; bad temperature turned the airplane back to Heathrow → schlechtes Wetter zwang das Flugzeug zur Rückkehr nach Heathrow; they were turned again within the frontier → sie wurden an der Grenze zurückgewiesen

We turned our notice to sensible matters → Nous avons concentré notre consideration sur des considérations pratiques.

b. To vary; turn into reworked. Made use of with to or into: The sky turned to pink at dawn. The evening turned into working day.

transform - undertake a adjust or progress; "The h2o became ice"; "Her previous Pal grew to become her worst enemy"; "He turned traitor"

change - lead to to change or turn into some thing various;think new features; "The princess turned the frog right into a prince by kissing him"; "The alchemists made an effort to convert lead into gold"

division, segment, element - on the list of portions into which anything is considered to be divided and which with each other represent an entire; "the prepared part of the Examination"; "the finance area of the corporate"; "the BBC's engineering division"

ferment, work - induce to undergo fermentation; "We ferment the grapes for a really long time to attain significant Alcoholic beverages articles"; "The vintner worked the wine in big oak vats"

= shape Wooden → drechseln; steel, pot → drehen; a perfectly-turned sentence → ein intestine formulierter Satz; a effectively-turned leg → ein wohlgeformtes Bein

64. (Card Game titles) the change poker slang the fourth Local community card for being dealt face-up in a very round of Texas maintain ’em

b. To change the position or disposition of by folding, bending, or twisting: Convert the design suitable aspect up on your jacket buttons. Transform the hat within out.

effectiveness, public presentation - a remarkable or musical entertainment; "they listened to ten diverse performances"; "the Participate in ran for 100 performances"; "the Recurrent performances on the symphony testify to its reputation"

tumble - pass instantly and passively right into a condition of physique or mind; "fall right into a lure"; "She fell sick"; "They fell out of favor"; "Tumble in adore"; "tumble asleep"; "tumble prey to an imposter"; "tumble into an odd means of wondering"; "she fell to parts soon after she misplaced her do the job"

switch about, reversal - turning within an opposite course or situation; "the reversal from the impression within the lens"

two. to convey a little something when It is far from your place to say it or something you shouldn't have reported. die verkeerde ding sê يقول شَيئاً في غَيْر مَحَلِّه أو وقْتِه говоря не на мястото си falar fora da vez / interromper / interceder mluvit mimo pořadvertí dazwischenreden sige noget i utide; sige noget uklogt μου ξεφεύγει κτ. που δε θα 'πρεπε hablar fuera de lugar vales kohas või vale asja rääkimine بیجا حرف زدن puhua ohi suunsa parler à tort et à travers לְדַבֵּר בַּזמָן הַלא נָכוֹן बिना try this web-site पारी के बोलना izlanuti, zaletiti se olyat szól, amit nem kellett volna bicara tidak pada tempatnya (parlare a sproposito) 軽率なことをいう、時をわきまえずにいう 경솔한 말을 하다 išsišokti izteikties nevietā mengatakan sesuatu yg tdk kena pd tmptnya zijn mond voorbij pratensnakke i utide powiedzieć coś nie w porę بیځایه خبری کول не к месту prerieknuť sa govoriti ob nepravem času; povedati, kar ne bi smel govoriti preko reda tala i otid, uttala sig taktlöst พูดไม่ดูกาลเทศะ düşünmeden konuşmak 魯莽的插話 говорити невпору, не до речі جب بولنے کا وقت نہ ہو اس وقت بولنا nói những điều không nên nói 鲁莽的插话

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